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Everything that we do is binded by a contractual agreement between the customer and us to include scope of work. I appreciate the feedback and would like to help resolve the issue with you. It is our goal to help small business execute their business gaols like we have successfully done for thousands of clients. Our consultants are very detail oriented and focused on providing you the best price based on budget.

I had spend 5k for a eCommerce website from these guys and I was told by the sales team it would be able to-do everything I wanted. I said great, lets meet to discuss what i wanted. I drove down to there location and provided them with a large mind map with exact details of exactly how i wanted everything to function. I explained in extreme detail how i wanted everything to work. The sales team said sure we can do all of this. Sign here so we can get started.

The first project manager i had did not seem to know much about eCommerce sites, He had been building the mockup's as if it was going be a wordpress site... after a few months and only seeing a few design mockups. I got ahold of the upper management explaining my issues. They then assigned me a new project manager. This guy seemed to know a bit more about building websites than the first. however in the end, when they started programming the site. I was told over and over again that what i originally told them was not possible. "Bigcommerce cant do what you are wanting" My 5k was completed trashed... I had to start over with a new platform.

Bigcommerce is a very limited platform if you are wanted highly customized shopping carts and pricing structures.

madwirewebdesign looks great and sounds great but my experience was horrible and a complete loss of 6 months and 5k. I would not trust there sales team. If you do decide to work with them, I would get in writing exactly what they are claiming they will provide.

Monetary Loss: $5000.

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This sounds a lot like my experience with Madwire, sadly.To look at their website and talk to their sales folks, you'd think you'd died and gone to web marketing heaven!

Once the reality sets in on your project, it's too late, sorry, Charlie! I spent $2k on my site and search marketing project with virtually no results. Guess I should count my lucky stars it wasn't worse. But as soon as the 'everything's possible, you'll love us!' tune started to change to 'ummm, errr, uh well you see...' that's when I pulled the plug.

Buyer beware of the glossy finish and glib claims of wondrous service. These guys are heavy on sales and marketing, very light on actual know how, service and delivering.

Shop around and be as specific and as clear as possible on your objectives and requirements for your site, search marketing, etc.If whoever you are talking to at whatever web shop starts to give you the shine and gloss over the details - run and don't look back!

to Mad Customer #637281

My experience was the total opposite of what the complaints above have stated.My sales person was straightforward, and the marketing has my business growing more every month.

They did state the limitations of the BigCommerce cart, but they also mentioned the SEO value it held. All of the design, development, and especially the marketing process has been phenomenal and I have made my initial money back more times than I can count. If you read this, don't buy into the negativity.

Most likely written by jealous competitors.These guys are pros.

to Happy Customer Saint Louis, Missouri, United States #644964

I think this person (Happy Customer) is a part of the management team - not a real customer!!!

I first contacted Madwire about a year ago when I first bought my Big Commerce site. I contacted them to design the entire website and was qouted about $2800. I thought that was expensive so I tackled it myself. The people at BC helped greatly and I was able to make a pretty attractive website for a person that had never done it before. I designed my own banner and logo that went well with the BC template I had chose.

So let's fast forward one year later to yesterday. I called Mad Wire again for a qoute on a design to my website. Since I had already had a running website at this point and wanted just a new design with the fonts and how things would appear I expected it to be cheaper since they were not starting from scatch like they would had been doing when I called the first time.

Well this time I was qouted $540 a month with a 6 month contract. The salesperson told me the design work was free and I was paying for marketing and to get to the top of google. What a crock of BS I thought to myself when I heard this. I told him I called a year ago and had there been any changes with the prices and he insisted that there had not been. They promise you so much on the phone...great sales pitches and they sound so sure of what they are saying and confident...but no money back gaurantee's! If you are 100% sure shouldn't you be able to back it up with a gaurantee?? If you weren't very smart you would fall for it with no question!

If it sounds to good to be true then it prob is a RIP OFF!! I won't be hiring them. They always ask for your budget opposed to clearly stating a price and the funny thing is they don't work within your budget. I honestly think they only ask that to see how high they can set the price for you. I have a bad feeling about this company and I don't trust them!


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