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Our design process is 10-12 business days for our FREE website solution and the logos are FREE as well. Our customer satisfaction guarantee ensures that we work with all customers. I looked for your project based on the limited information provided and was unable to vertify you as a customer. Please reach out to me with more details so that we can take care of you.

These guys quoted 6-8 weeks in our contract. After 12 they said the contract only was a best case.

Also after 12 weeks they said my web page was complete.

I was no where near complete, and when I pointed that out, they said that by complete, they meant the rough first pass.

The add on logo was a complete joke, and just a rip off of my work.

I finally had enough, and told them I didn't believe anything they had to say any more, keep the money, and just don't bother me anymore.

I hate hate hate these crooks.

Review about: Madwire Web Design Web Design Service.

Monetary Loss: $3000.

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